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  1. Yesterday I bought this bag online (through a danish auction-site).
    I have not yet recieved it and so far I only have this picture.
    The seller had bought it about 3 years ago on ebay and had missplaced her receipt.

    It is not in monogram, just plain black fabric and leather.
    My question to you wonderful ladies is if this bag is a auth Gucci Jackie O bag.

    Or does it look like a fake to you?
  2. Need more pictures. Do you have any of the inside tag and of the zipper pull?
  3. I'll post them as soon as I get the bag.
    But there is a Gucci Jackie O bag that has been made in plain fabric like this one, you know without the monogram?
  4. Yes, there is.
  5. Great... I should revieve it tomorrow. Anyway i'll post more pics as soon as I get it. I am so happy you want to help me. Do you have the same bag?
  6. Please repost in the Authenticate This! sticky provided at the top of this Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.