gucci .. help ..

  1. hello ..

    Is it fair to sell my bag at this price 900 $ (I used it twice :crybaby:) ?

    Was it still desirable (so that I can wear it this year also ) ?

    thanks a lot ..

  2. Check Ebay prices for completed auctions - I would do a search for "Gucci dragon" - that will give you an idea of the price. I think they do sell for about $900 or so. If you sell it on Ebay be sure to note its a Tom Ford design.
  3. Actually, I'm looking for that bag but without the monogram print - I have a bag with the metalic purple and the bamboo detailing.
  4. winternitgh ..:heart:

    Thank you for your advice .. :love:
    I will check the prices at ebay ..

    also .. thanks a lot for remind me to mention this info.

    I hope you can find what were you looking for soon ..

    take care :flowers:


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