Gucci heels, comfy?

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  1. I'm looking for a new pair of classic black pumps and am interested in some Guccis. I need to be able to pound the pavement in them. How do you find the comfort and quality of their arches, soles, and leather? My feet are not narrow and their canvas pumps are really uncomfortable for me because they are stiff and have no give. So leather quality is really important to me.

    These are the ones I'm interested in:
  2. Over the years I have had many pairs of Gucci shoes and I know that I'll generally have no problems (I have wide feet). I've totally given up on Prada shoes because they always wreck my feet
  3. You are right!
    I got my first pair of Gucci's when I started teaching. I wore them twice and my arches we're killing me!
    Not only my arches but my feet were wet!!!
    Strange but true. They also ruined my pedicure :sad:
    Now I wear them often and they are fine!
    Good luck
  4. More comfy than louboutins...
  5. Dolce & Gabbana are my absolute favorites.
  6. I love my Gucci's! I find them very comfortable....much better than Dior's IMO
  7. My highest heel shoes are Guccis. And they are so comfy!!!!!!!!
  8. All of my gucci heals are quite comfortable.
  9. I love Gucci high heels, they are some of my most comfortable shoes
  10. Most of my Guccis are comfy except one 4.5 inches.