Gucci Hasler Shoulder Bag...Opinions?

  1. Hey girls. I am a huge Gucci fan and buy their shoes every year all year, but have not bought a bag in a over a year other than the Gucci Positano tote, which my sister has conveniently "borrowed". Basically, she has stated that she is not giving it back. LOL But, that's ok b/c she's my sister. :heart:

    Anyways, I was able to grab the Gucci Hasler Medium Shoulder Bag in White. Do any of you have it? Is it a good size? Is it easy to carry on your shoulder or is one of those they say is a shoulder bag and is more suited for carrying in the arms? I have never tried it on IRL. All thoughts would be appreciated! :p

    Oh, and I have the white mid-heel Gucci Britt slides already in my closet to go with it too. :smile:[​IMG]
    Gucci Hasler Medium Shoulder Bag.jpg
  2. i think you could carry it on your shoulder just fine.
  3. I really like this bag. The shape is similar to the treasure I'm considering getting it!
  4. Yeah it totally reminds of that bag. Are these in the outlets? I don't live near an outlet, so I wouldn't know. It just popped up randomly on NM and I was lucky to grab it. White bags scare me and I have never bought one, but I have bought 2 in the last 2 weeks now. LOL

    I have always liked the Boston itself too, but it just wasn't comfortable for me on my shoulder and I wanted that option.
  5. super cute bag - love it
  6. i'm loving your bag :tup:
  7. Thanks girls! I get it on's hoping NM doesn't give me some dirty, old one. LOL
  8. ohhhh that bag looks uber classy (with a slight twist of course!) ;) haha

    and im sure it wont be dirty! :smile: have fun wearing it!