Gucci hardware

  1. Does Gucci ever make hardware that feels lightweight? I got a Gucci with a chain that hangs on the handle with a little lock. The chain feels lightweight, kind of like plastic, but not that cheap looking or feeling. The hardware around the handles also feels lightweight. The rest of the purse definitely looks authentic compared to my other Gucci that I bought in a gucci store. Now, I'm wondering if this is real or not. It's a GUCCI TREASURE MEDIUM BOSTON. Please help.
  2. where did you purchase it. i know fake bags do not use solid metal peices so it seems light/hollow. maybe you can post pics of it and we can take a look see?
  3. ^^^ that was my question too. Where did you buy it? Post it in authenticate this and see what other see. I've never known their hardware to feel cheap