Gucci handbags Previews - 85th anniversary Part 1

  1. Gucci handbags Previews - The 85th anniversary collections
    Tartan Web.jpg Tartan Web 2.jpg Horsebot US .jpg Horsebot Jackie O.jpg Floral tote.jpg Fur bag.jpg Gucci GG leather bag.jpg Canvas bag.jpg
  2. Oooh thanks for the pics, I'm undecided on these!
  3. [​IMG]

    I saw this bag irl. But it was chocolate w/ the GG and with the red/green stripe underneath the GG's. It's real pretty. I think it was 1595. I'm waiting for this other one like the doctor's bag Blondie.
  4. Thanks for the pics. I'm not sure if I like these bags or not. They seem a little busy.
  5. Yeay pics! Although I'm not sure about the bags...hmmm...maybe they'll be better in real life?
  6. thanks! the designs are interesting.
  7. mmm i don't like how they have 85th anniversary stamped on it
    i don't think it makes it special cos the writing doens't look elegant
    and some of the bags remind me or luellas
  8. not feeling these...
  9. ^agree:yes: :biggrin:
  10. I don't really care for any of them in pictures but maybe you have to see IRL.
  11. Looks a lil' too busy for me... except the mocha color... thats gorgeous!.. Anyway.. thanks for sharing the pics.
  12. Hmmm... I'm just not excited about the bags..I agree with allvy, too busy:blink: .
  13. I just saw the chocolate one today in Neimans...wasnt impressed with it in person either...the only exciting thing I saw in Neiman's of Gucci were some of the new shoes they have coming sandal I love in metallic gold with the same style GG that is on these bags
  14. does anyone know when they will be in stores + prices? here in austria the SA doesn't know anything. :mad:
  15. I guess its a good thing I'm not loving any of those new lemmings.