GUCCI handbag & wallets at Ideeli on Jan 30th!

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  1. i dont get it? more info??
  2. Gucci bags on sale, Friday. It's pretty simple. :cloud9:
  3. You have to be a member. HOw do I do that?
  4. Try googling ideeli invite. There are some floating around on shopping oriented sites.
  5. #6 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    yep, what adoptastray said.
  6. Do anyone have experience with Ideeli's sale? It says that up to 44%, but I usually see Gucci sale on Gucci's website for up to 60% thou.
  7. hahah.. I think it will sold out really quickly.. unless you are 1st row customers ....
  8. just go to the main page of they have a link you can click on and join, it says 'lifestyle magazine readers click here to join'. that should sign you up no problem.
  9. ^^^Thanks just did it!

  10. yea so its not preety simple you have to be a member and some people didn't know how to do so...;)
  11. thanks for posting, i haven't checked that website for a while due to the Saks sale, but will do Friday. ;)
  12. nvrmd
  13. I just logged on and noticed the prices aren't that great, all sales are final, and the selection is pretty slim and mostly sold out to 1st row members.