Gucci Guccisman New Jackie...Opinion-Grey

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  1. Hey all,

    What do you all think of this bag? I just got it from bluefly- and it was an extra 10% off today, but is it still too $$ for this bag? Do you think it will stand the test of time?

    I had this EXACT bag in plain leather- and sold it. I think I may like the Guccissma better, but is it abnormally large? I am 5'4", and the bag does squish down nicely...but thoughts??

  2. I think you will love it.. the guccissima version will be so much more prettier.. since you get it from bluefly.. just try it out and play with it.. (with the tag).. you can always return it if you change your mind..

    COngrats!! Excellent deal!!
  3. LOVE the color and the guccissima leather. Beautiful! CONGRATS.
  4. I don't know how the size of the bag suits you, but this handbag is divine! My mother fell in love with it after she saw it. You should go for it! I heard tassles are in fashion for a while, so it should last for you.
  5. the new jackie gris is fantastic!!!!!!!!;)
  6. It's a classic and sexy bag all at the same time
  7. I think it's gorgeous and I'm not a Guccima fan! I love the color, style and everything about the bag. As far as it's size, if it helps, I'm about 5' 5 and my bag is maybe an inch shy of yours and it looks fine. In fact, that bag is a slimmer fit and fits high up on your shoulder so it shouldn't look as big as it is. Enjoy!
  8. I love it!! Congrats!
  9. Thanks all you wonderful people! Such enablers you all are:smile: I know I am going to love it all over again like the first time...just maybe better with the Guccisma this time...:smile:
  10. Love this bag in this style and color -- congrats!!