Gucci ... GUCCI

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  1. Happy HOlidays Everyone!!!
    how is everyone doing? :biggrin:

    On another note...does anyone know where i can find this bag? I went to the Gucci store in nyc and they said they had limited items in the store. which luck =(

    I really want it. sigh* it would be perrrfect as a christmas gift tooo, if only i can find it :sad2:

  2. i think they should be able to order it for you.
  3. Can the NY store not see if another Gucci store has one? That way you dont have to call around.Or go to Saks, if the NY doesnt have it see if they too can try to locate it for you. The stores should do this service for you.
  4. I agree...they should try to help you locate the bag. It's ridiculous how it seems like they didn't offer.
  5. I've seen a few here (exactly like that)...But to go all the way to Guam for this Gucci?...I dunno. LOL
  6. Have you checked Bergdorf's and Saks? I would check the Gucci on Fifth and the Gucci on Madison also...if not, another Gucci should have it.
  7. im pretty sure styledrops has it
  8. Isn't that bag came out last season? My friend has got it since early fall I think...
  9. They also have this bag on the gucci UK website...
    Also, I wanted to ask...Is gucci cheaper in Europe than the states? I would assume it is...