Gucci goodies!

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  1. hey!
    come and see my Gucci goodiessss.

    1. Princy Medium Tote (beige/ebony GG fabric with gold signature web bow, brown leather trim, and gold hardware) - $785

    2. Cosmetic Case (beige/ebony GG fabric with brown leather trim) - $295

    IMG_7538.JPG IMG_7541.JPG IMG_7542.JPG IMG_7544.JPG IMG_7550.JPG
  2. more pictures.
    IMG_7551.JPG IMG_7552.JPG IMG_7555.JPG IMG_7556.JPG IMG_7560.JPG
  3. Congrats! The tote is beautiful, I love the inner lining. Enjoy
  4. I really like the color, very pretty.
  5. Love your goodies! Modeling pics?
  6. Nice. I'm with Loft Lady, love the inner lining!
  7. cool goodies!!! :tup: congrats on your purchases...they're very nice!
  8. Very nice!!! Congrats!
  9. love the goodies..:tup:
  10. wow..very pretty..
  11. Congrats! The tote is beautiful. I have been thinking of getting this tote too. I totally love the gold colour :love:
  12. Very cute Congratulations!
  13. Congrats! I love the tote!
  14. i just got that cosmetic case today on sale @ NM
  15. Very nice! Did you see a matching wallet for this bag??