Gucci Goldie Small Shoulder Bag

  1. Neiman Marcus  - Goldie Small Shoulder Bag

    Does anyone own this bag?? I'm thinking of ordering it from i would like some feedback if anyone has it.

    also i like to buy my purses in the shops, so this will be my first online purchase from gucci, do u get a box and dust bag when u order? i like to get all the extras :yes:

    and feedback would be great!!! :graucho:
  2. How is suede for upkeep? My coach suede is awful and looks dirty even though I am careful mind you it is in pink. Now I am afraid of suede so get some Gucci suede feedback...good the bag..does it come in is gucci canvas all of my gucci bags are leather..I soo love leather!!!!
  3. is suede hard to maintain? i only have leather and canvas purses. anyone have suggestions for a black canvas bag around the same size. i have all small purses & i want a bigger one..
  4. I don't have this bag, but I have the same concerns about suede. I would personally stick with the Gucci canvas or leather. Much easier to maintain IMO.

    Plus, if you're looking for a bigger bag, is this bag really that big? I haven't looked at the dimensions at all, but they call it a "small shoulder bag".

    You might want to consider this's similarly shaped, but it's canvas and is much bigger I think...
    gucci shoulder bag.jpg