Gucci going downhill?


Jul 17, 2006
So I really really really love Gucci but I sad and worried.....I've been seeing sooo many people with it lately its starting to become very regular to me and today at the sale there was a line going out the door with people that were the farthest thing from classy if you know what I mean. I remember how last year in school on a few people had gucci and now almost everyone has a pair or gucci just doesn't seem as special to me anymore. I still love it but one thing I always like to be is different and I can't be that anymore with gucci.:confused1: Is this only happening in my neighborhood or is this a epidemic ? lol please fill me i ladies

are the ones you see authentic? i say don't worry about it, there's plenty of gucci styles and its all in the way you rock it!

hmmm.. maybe you have been inspiring a lot of people around you my dear. ;)
agree with pisda .. good fakes are so common ..

i see lots of ppl with fendi/gucci mono shoes and bags everywhere not to mention gym bags + Luggage ( all fakes)
I think the same thing sometimes. A few years back I started my designer bag collection w/a Prada, then purchased a few more bags. But then the LV thing started and it seems everybody is into designer bags. I didn't buy any for a while as it didn't seem that special anymore. Everybody has them. But like pisdapisda says, they are most likely fakes. That was one reason I think I don't really want a LV bag as thats all you see. I want something unique and special!
For me LV is LV and Gucci is Gucci...meaning I love them and I have for YEARS. (25) I could care less if someone has a fake or the real thing....if I love it...Im going to buy it and love it!!! Every piece is unique and me.
I am a huge Gucci fan and I don't think Gucci is going downhill. Frida G. is coming into her own. The new collections are totally Rockstar. I have my eye on a few 2007 bags just from looking at the website!
its not so much bags , but more so the shoes that I've been seeing so many people with and I'm almost 100% certain that they are real, not only that but the style are'nt ones that would be duplicated , for example the red patent leather sneakers ( definitely not something that I think you would be able to get a repica of)
YES! i am seeing TONS of gucci bags out there and im fairly positive that they are all fake...i live in toronto and honestly it's pretty hard for teenagers to make money working at mcd's, yet 70% of them are wearing the gucci pouches. i bought my boyfriend an AUTHENTIC one and i remember one time we were shopping at the mall and a 17-18 year old boy asked him how much it was. when he replied "$600" you could see the boy's mouth drop. it was priceless lol

at first it really bothered me seeing all the fakes out there..but now i realize that i'm not indulging in the finer things to impress others, it's to satisfy myself and having these things reminds me that i work hard and deserve it : ) ..making a few heads turn is also nice too : P

pop culture is to blame for this luxury fad and it is the reason why there are so many replicas out there >: (