Gucci Give Away On Ellen

  1. Does anyone know what Gucci bag Ellen Degeneres gave away on her show this morning??
  2. its the new britt hobo
  3. wow? really... ellen's so nice.
  4. Yup!
  5. oooohhhh how generous. i want one.........
  6. wow soooo lucky!!! I love that new britt hobo, most especially in that creme/brown canvas color combo!!! :upsidedown:
  7. I am soooo going next year! Last year she gave out a Marc Jacobs bag!
  8. OMG! She gave it out as a x-mas gift??? I need to be in the studio audience for a daytime talk show! I was on 2 late night shows and got NOTHING AT ALL! I wonder how long in advance you have to sign up to be on Ellen's show b/c I heard the wait for Oprah is CRAZY
  9. I've been to the View and Regis and Kelly (twice), and nothing! My moms been to The View like 5 times, and never when they were giving anything out. A few years ago I went to TRL and got a Blink 182 CD and tshirt...but I would rather have a Gucci:smile:
  10. Ellen is such a sweet and kind person. What a fab gift!
  11. I wanted to go for my anniversary. They post online when it is time to get tickets for a particular month. One day it said "all Feb. dates full please check back for March". THE NEXT NIGHT it said "all Feb. dates full please check back for April".

    I was like, WTF?