Gucci Gift Giving Event

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  1. I got invited to a "Gift Giving" event at my local store. Has anyone ever been, is this just cocktails and shopping or is there any actual incentive to going?
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  2. I started a new thread to ask this but then realized it may be better to ask here instead, so delete whichever accordingly if necessary. I was invited to a “gift giving” event at my local store, is this just champagne and shopping or is there any incentive on going? Thanks!
  3. Not sure. Probably just a pre-Christmas/Holiday 2019/Cruise 2020 preview with canapés, champers and something to go home with. Only the Zumi even was different with spoken poetry and a DJ set (with Zumi at the turntable).

    My rule is if I'm out and about anyway I'll go but I won't make a long trip especially. I've just been to a couple of Gucci events in the past month and the last was similar, after-hours, nibbles, lots of drink and then we were handed potpourri in sachets at the end of the evening, it was nice.
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  4. Thanks I appreciate it! I have to RSVP so maybe I’ll go and see.
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