Gucci GG Supreme canvas vs Louis Vuitton canvas

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  1. image.jpeg

    I apologize for the large photo, I don't know how to resize it.

    Hi everyone, I am interested in the small Boston bag in the blooms print pictured above. I am new to Gucci and I am curious as to how Gucci's supreme canvas compares to Louis Vuitton's canvas. Personally, I've noticed Louis Vuitton's canvas is much thinner now and it doesn't seem quite as durable as they once were. I'd appreciate if anyone who owns both Gucci's supreme canvas and Louis Vuitton's canvas, be able to give me your thoughts. Durability wise, are they pretty much the same or is one canvas more durable than the other? Thank you in advance!
  2. I like Gucci canvas and construction better actually.

    I find it very durable and I like the texture it has compared to LV. I also have never had problems with dye transfer or ink lifting from printing with Gucci, which is a problem I experienced with LV.
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  3. I just relieved this bag today; it is beautiful!!! I love it!!!
  4. Thank you freepockets. That's good to know, I appreciate the info!
  5. Congratulations, mcg3897! Enjoy your beautiful bag! Looks like we'll be twinsies soon :smile:
  6. The GG supreme canvas should be very durable, I have tried on a Gucci bag in the GG supreme canvas. I found it the feeling to be exactly like LV canvas on wallets. I find that LV canvas can be either hard rigid feeling (wallets) or soft and rubbery feeling (The Artsy bag).
  7. Thank you Luxe_addiction, I appreciate the info! I've personally noticed a change in LV canvas, specifically in the Speedy. The canvas is very thin, almost borderline, flimsy. A huge difference from the canvas that was produced just a few years ago. So therefore I am looking for an alternative to the Speedy and I am hoping this Gucci will do. I like that this one has metal feet on the bottom whereas the Speedy does not.
  8. I have no experience with Gucci and actually bought an LV bag today-LOL but I tried that bag on today in the smaller size and it is absolutely gorgeous! The suede material on the interior is super soft and the SA told me it is water resistant. The canvas felt very strong and seemed more durable to me compare to the LV canvas. I am considering this bag too. Love the Blooms!!
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