Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Medium bag in white


Jul 16, 2014
I am really interested in this bag.
I have too many black bags already and thought the white one would be a good option.
But I am not sure how much upkeep and care would be required to maintain a high end bag in white.
Do any of you ladies own white leather bags? How difficult is to maintain your white bag?
I am really interested to know your thoughts.

Thank you.


Oct 21, 2008
I really like white bags, but I know I'm in a minority.
Yes, I have experienced a couple of problems with white bags in the past : a Fendi deerskin that turned a hideous shade of parchment yellow-brown after a few weeks (returned for refund of course) and an Alexander McQueen clutch where the darker backing of the leather showed through the white in places. Luckily it was on the back of the clutch and the bag is so spectacular that I don't mind too much. Both were very thin leathers though, unlike the quilted Marmont.
If you like the Marmont bag I think it looks wonderful in white. I bought the studded white Marmont from last season (I think 'Mystic' is the official colour name and it's slightly off white IRL) and I love it to bits :smile:


Nov 12, 2006
I love the look of a white bag. So fresh. I was contemplating a white disco. However, in the past I had a white bag that totally got ruined with dirt and was not fixable sigh. I'm very hesitant now to spend a lot of $ on white.

Purse FanGirl

May 16, 2016
Yes, some upkeep. But so worth it. I have two 1941 bags in Chalk. A Rogue and Tea rose Dinky. The Rogue is completely white on all sides. The Dinky is completely white in back, sides, and underside.

Before first using, I sprayed them both with Apple Guard Spray Repellant. After each use I check for any dirt. I use Coach leather conditioner to do a quick once over and wipe them lightly each use before putting them away. I NEVER wear them with blue jeans. Indigo ink does not come out....(or new or vibrant colored or dark pants).

These two bags look like new after a summer of wear. I just love and enjoy them. [emoji7]

IMG_1483945601.052211.jpg IMG_1483945619.379608.jpg


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May 19, 2017
Does anyone have this bag in white and had problems with denim rubbing off on the back/discoloring? Considering purchasing but worried about that--I wear jeans often!


Apr 17, 2015
Yes!!! Color transfer will be a problem. I love the bag but you will have to be very careful what you wear while carrying it.
Apr 18, 2017
I have this in the mini! I love it but I wore a black dress recently and color transferred :sad: it was an older dress too, washed a few times. The white and gold combo are stunning! Just be veryyyyy careful with it.