Gucci FW 08 previews

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  1. See them here:

    and detailed shots of bags/shoes/details on

    Honestly, I am not liking FW 08 at all from the pics. It's just that nothing in those pics appeals to me, I feel the bags have too much hardware and way too much stuff going on, and I'm really not a fan of this Russian theme. I don't like the clothes at all either, the prints and metallic accents are too much for my taste and don't seem very wearable. Which isn't entirely a bad thing because I guess, because maybe I won't spend as much the coming fall season.

    I just want to know, what does everyone else think about the 2008 FW collection? Bear in mind these are just previews, so they will definitely have more shoes, bags and maybe clothes (hopefully some that I like) but at the moment, from the pics, I'm just not feeling it.
  2. I really like some of the dresses (alot) and those boots!!! WOW, they scream GUCCI to me!! Ofcourse some things are over the top, but I think some of the pieces are gorgeous.
  3. I don´t like the bags at all-some of them remind of that ugly indy bag with the corallines and shells...
    plus, I am not a fan of the "russian theme" either.
  4. I like the collection. It is edgy and artistic. I wish I could afford to buy more.
  5. Lord, have mercy. Horrible!
  6. i'm not crazy about the new line either
    although this bag caught my eye
  7. I liked some of the edgier pieces, but I wasn't too fond of most of the prints.
  8. thanks for posting gucciabbey!
  9. I totally LOVE whole collection. I wish I could buy everything!!!!! REALLY:love::love::love::love:
  10. A little too flashy for my taste....