Gucci Friends and Family Watch Sale (it's over now but I have a question)

  1. Hello,

    I did a light breeze through and didnt see this mentioned. I was at the Secaucus Outlet over the weekend and overheard a lady speaking about the sale and how the Bamboo watches where $50. So I asked and then was told invite only well to make a long story short I asked a nice SA and got some passes to go and I racked up!!!!! I'm sorry to lazy and toooo late to start snapping pics but this is what I got but with a diamond face and rubber band for $650 normal retail was $4600!!!! My[​IMG]


    this one for$100

    and another one that I can't find on google over $6500 in watched for over 85%

    But my question is why is the sale so hush hush do they do this anywhere else during the year?
  2. Was this an outlet store? man i want a bamboo watch!! Thats cheap...
  3. It was at the Sheraton in Secaucus NJ. The Gucci Group has headquarters there in the same town and had one of the rooms rented out there
  4. sweeeet! congrats on your purchases :tup: