GUCCI for UNICEF 2007/2008 *pics*

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  1. I found some pics for this years campaign for Unicef:
    i'm not that impressed ... but I like the colour.

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  2. Hmm... I'm not to sure about the snakeskin rosette ribbon. It reminds me of a prize you win at a carnival... But I do like the colour. I loved the shoe from last year's Unicef collection.
  3. Maybe it looks a little better inperson. Not too impressed just from pics.

  4. I like the color combo too, but not the big red thing in front...
  5. I don't mind the hobo or tote- hopefully the ribbon/ pendant thingy is removeable though.
  6. Beautiful color - ok collection
  7. not a fan..... not even the shoes...:shrugs:
  8. is this line only available on or is it available at nm/saks/etc?
  9. Not a fan of the bags, but I do love the cause. I just randomly went into Gucci yesterday after I went to Chanel and found out about the 10% off everything/UNICEF charity proceeds. I was pleasantly surprised that Gucci would do something like that.
  10. i like the color