Gucci for my birthday, but which one?

  1. I want a new leather bag for fall. I am very traditional and classic in my style. I presently own an LV Damier that I bought 6 years ago and don't even recall the style name, a Tod's shopper, a Dior patent frame style bag, and a small Ferragamo bag.

    I prefer top handle/tote bags and I think I'd like something in the black guccissima. Any thoughts ladies?
  2. The gucci horsebit in guccisima is beautiful!
  3. I agree. Or the pelham which is sort of more tote-like than the horsebit. Both are great. There's also the new 'brit' style which came out for the fall '06 season. beautiful! i prefer the chocolate brown to the black. let us know what you get!
  4. The gussima horsebit is gorgeous, but I think that the SA told me that it doesn't come in black, but just brown. :sad:
  5. harrietteb, if you're looking for a black guccissima, the boston wave bag is your best bet IMO. I LOVE that bag!!!!!! :love: Another PFer bought one's the thread with pics:

    I'm not sure how available they are now, since I don't seem to see them on the Gucci website, but I'm sure your Gucci SA could locate one for you!

    Definitely post whatever Gucci you do end up getting - you really can't go wrong with any black guccissima bag!!! :yes:
  6. I think that might be the one. That looks fabulous and the pics from yves give such a good porportion idea to the body. :smile: Thanks for the recs. So glad I found you guys.
  7. A decision has been made. The Princy, large tote, black guccissima has been forwarded to the husband. I will notify all as to whether or not he wishes he'd decided the Cartier watch would have been a better decision for him financially. LOL. :smile: Thanks to all.
  8. Good luck harrietteb - that's a gorgeous bag!!! Post pics when you get it!!!
  9. I think you made a great choice. I just bought the Chocolate Princy and I love it.