Gucci for me ! (finally)

  1. For this Labour day weekend, I went down to Woodbury Commons and look what followed me home. I think I deserved it after all that rain (try shopping in it, I felt like a drowned rat !), although it was my mom that finally pushed me over the edge. Her reason for me to get it was "I don't want to here you complain forever about not getting it - so you better". :graucho:

    Um.. I actually don't know the name of this bag, except it's a Guccissima bag in the medium size. My bear wanted to model it for you, so enjoy ! :yes:



    (I kind of feel like I cheated on my man, my man being Louis Vuitton of course.. :shame:smile:
  2. woooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, congrats ayla, she's adorable!!! :yahoo:
  3. Beautiful! It looks similar to the one I want in black, only with studs around it...
  4. Congrats Ayla! It's beautiful!
  5. O wow that is a beauty, congrats.
  6. Ayla!!!

    My mom went to gucci in woodbury commons as well and got me a clutch bag with chain straps for my bday.. she can't seem to describe it properly (yup, she's not as obsessive about details etc like me" but i think she was describing the horsebit when she said that there's a "D like buckle" over the flap of the clutch and the shape is trapezoidal... did you see that one? (ooooohh, i hope you did! someone i could understand better LOL)
  7. oooooh its beautiful! im really loving the guccissima imprints at the mo but im back to saving again :sad: (dont know what for like hehe) but there will be one thing that comes along and takes my heart :biggrin:... like the coco cabas chanel... (sp?) mmmmm... WAKE UP HANNAH ARGH sorry :s
  8. Congrats Ayla, what a beautiful bag!
    Nothing wrong with branching out a little, I'm sure LV doesn't mind...
  9. I love it! Congrats!
  10. Thanks everyone ! :love:

    I don't think I saw this, but I know what you're talking about ! It could have been under the glass, I wasn't paying a lot of attention to those. They did have a number of really cute smaller clutches, but at like 400$, I just thought I might as well pay a little more and get a massive bag -- more bag per dollar ! :graucho:
  11. LOVE IT! Love the color!! Congrats Ayla!
  12. Lovely brown colour! Congrats!
  13. omg, the bag looks so yummy... :love: and your bear wears it well.
    And no, Ayla, you are not cheating on your man LV, you are just branching out a little.:supacool:
  14. hehe yup! i probably would have gotten a bigger bag if i was there myself! my mom just doesn't get the bigger bag trend, but i was thankful because she was only meant to get me a coach bag plus a wristlet and she called me up and said she found one of the gucci clutches there sooo darling and wanted it buy it for me! if its okay, may i ask how much how much you were able to get your new baby? were there a lot of nice monograms? (shoot, i wish i could go!!!)

    by the way, after all the analyzing im thinking what she got me looks like this:

    but im not yet quite sure! ill post pics here when i get it of course!;)
  15. i have no gucci... unfair.. ok im 16 but its still unfair