Gucci for $365

  1. its not available anymore---:crybaby:
  2. wow, thats a steal for $365!! did anybody here get it?
  3. wow, so many Gucci deals on NM lately. Too bad I'm too slow to grab anything. Thanks for posting though.
  4. Cute bag but I'm way too late as I'm listing clothes on eBay. Trying to make some money for those future handbag "must-haves".
  5. I ordered it and have the confirmation number but when I checked NM order history it says cancelled next to my order. You would think NM would send me an email to tell me they cancelled it since the last thing I heard from them was my confirmation #.
  6. too bad, its happened to me countless times:crybaby:
  7. You all are torturing me by posting Gucci sales that I can't get my hands on! lol!!!
  8. The purse is too cute! I hope someone bought it!
  9. Wow! That's a steal! I wish I saw it sooner.