Gucci Floral Shoes

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am seeking some help here. I was wondering if any of you ladies have come across the floral heels. I've been looking for them for a few months now. They were made in a few styles. I would have got them during the Gucci online sale but that was only for the US. I can't find anything in my size on eBay.

    Here are the clogs:

    Any heels like these (hope they are authentic, I'm not familiar with the styles) would be great as well. I would even consider the small slip on heels.

    I've checked bluefly, raff, styledrops etc and I can't find anything so if you ladies happen to come across some please let me know. I'm in Australia so if they post internationally that would be great.

  2. By the way if any one has the clogs, doesn't have to be the floral, how is the sizing. Does it run larger? Cos I can be anything from a 37.5 to a 39 in Gucci. Do you ladies know if there are any clog type shoes in the current collection, cos I could go try them on.
  3. I'll keep an eye out, they used to be all over the place a while ago! With heels usually I'm not the max size I can be (38), its usually a 37-37.5. So confusing, wish every company would stay consistent so we could buy online with more ease!
  4. ^Thanks kneehighz. Oh if that is the case there is a size 37.5 on eBay. I am not sure if it is authentic cos there aren't enough photos. The measurements seem right but I don't know if the seller was accurate. I might go into the city and see if they have any similar style to try on.

    Tell me about it. If Gucci was consistent I'd be buying so much online. Fendi is much much much better. I am always the 1 same size.
  5. i've been seeing the blue and pink floral ones but not that style. will try to look for that. good luck!
  6. Thanks tabbi!
  7. Kav I'm sorry, I spent the whole afternoon looking for a 37.5... hope you finally see one!