Gucci floral jewelry advice needed

  1. Hi Guys,
    IM'musually not a fan of Gucci when it comes to jewelry but I found out about their flora line about a month ago and totally fell in love with it:love:
    I've been looking for this flora ring literally everywhere, it seems it's out of stock in Europe but may be available in the US or in the Swiss Mendrisio :confused1:Gucci outlet. Does anyone have this ring and could post a picture of it worn? My SA told be it's pretty big

    Also what do you guys think of the pendant (see pic or Gucci ? My SA ordered it for me (it's one of like 2 or 3 left in Europe apparently even if it's not that pricey when compared to other items of the line with stones) but I don't know if I should go for it as it's more than 1000 euros... I really like the design but I'm also a big fan of old jewelry (1870-1930) and for 1000 euros you can get a lot of amazing vintage pieces no one has...I'm torn help me make my decision :s (also the fact that my SA is so nice really does not help!!!)
    flora neck.jpg flora ring.jpg
  2. of course I also meant for the pendant is that 1095 euros or about $1300 is a hell of a lot of money to give out for a tiny piece of gold even if it's so nicely chiseled....
    By the way I went to the antique jeweler market this morning(in Berlin) I found a gorgeous english pendant from the 1910s, I unfortunately don't have a picture but it's 9K gold has an amethyst and an opal and tiny pearls and looks very unique, it's about 300 euros or $400....sigh what to do what to do:shrugs: ... I really want to get myself a gold-girly one of a kind pendant:love:
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