Gucci Floral Cosmetic pouch just arrived. What do you think?

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  1. So this just arrived and it’s gorgeous. I love the colors. However I am unfamiliar with Gucci and the zipper on it is soooo stiff. I have to grasp the little tabs on the side and really pull. I’m sure with use it will loosen up but will it loosen up significantly? Seems like a pain. And also I’m kind of bummed because it seems like a black hole inside. A lighter color in it would have been perfect.
  2. See pics.

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  3. FYI. I ordered this off Nordstrom. It said I was pre-ordering for approx May 2020 shipment. It shipped in less than a week.
  4. I've been eyeing this off on the Gucci website, aside from the zip, what do you think?
    I guess you can try wax paper on the zip trick or pretty much anything posted on a lv psm thread.
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  5. Hi! I think we have similar tastes- I was eyeing the Blooms collection (I know this one is a bit different and still beautiful) this past year and I really wanted the Rose tote but the outlets only had the blue :sad: I love all the rose floral accessories. I almost bought a little zip around wallet but the zipper was plastic and not metal so it was sticky. Yours looks metal though....maybe you just need to rub a wax candle on it as others have suggested. I took my key pouch to LV once and they rubbed a candle on the zipper to make it more slippery.
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  6. I really love this cosmetic bag and I've been trying to justify it for a bit now. I'm a sucker for the flora print and a pouch - so this puppy is calling my name! Your pics are very enabling. Maybe after the new year once I wrap up my 2019 bag binges.
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  7. Totally adorable

    Candle or pencil should make the zip run more smoothy
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  8. Amazing
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  9. I like it :flowers:
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