Gucci flora...on sale?

  1. Does anyone know if Gucci is marking down the Flora with the white background from last season? There are some bags still on I was tempted to order one but wanted to wait & find out if they would be marked down..Whenever starts the sale that is! TIA!
  2. Hey thanks! I just called, unfortunately they sold out of the medium top handle & didn't have the horsebit hobo on sale. She also checked what was left of the Chanel Cambon (not much!) but Debra was a real sweetheart! I'll keep her in mind the next time I'm searching for something. :biggrin:

  3. Does anyone know if they are marking doen the flora with the black background? thanks!
  4. I'm assumming it is marked down. When I was at the pre-sale at Saks all the Flora bags were spoken for. Think that style was sold out on the first day of the pre-sale.
  5. is the gucci flora bucket hat on sale too? how much? thanks :smile:
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