Gucci Flats - to keep or return?

  1. How are Gucci shoes? Are they comfortable? I bought a pair of the silver/bronze horsebit ballet flats but not sure whether to keep them. They're pretty but if they're not comfortable, it'd be a waste. Your help please.
  2. wow! i don't have any gucci shoes yet, but from what i hear in this forum that they are soooo very comfortable and that it's totally worth the price. I, myself would love to have at least one gucci shoes in this lifetime. :smile:

    noegirl is a major gucci shoe fan/expert...she's probably the best person to ask.
  3. The brand itself does not guarantee anything.
    I ordered Gucci sandals before and they were too small. I've tried Gucci shoes couple times in the store and it was OK. Now I ordered a pair of flats on-line and I would say they are a little too big. I wear size 11, so it is a big problem for me to find shoes.
    I love Stuart Weitzman shoes and he has variety of sizes and widths and it vary from pair to pair how it would fit you. I've found it especially difficult to find a decent pair of flats in any brand.
  4. hello alice87, have you tried the tory burch flats? I too have a problem with flats, and the tory's are sooo comfortable and well worth the money. I love them. I have the black w/the gold emblem and i just got done ordering the gold on gold one. Let me know how the gucci flats work... i've been having my eye on them. I especially like the gg crystal flats.
  5. I do not own gucci shoes (yet!!!) and when I look at them they seem so narrow to me - now I do not have gigantor feet but they still seem really narrow for my foot. I would love a pair/s of monogram to wear out with one of my mono bags.... cute.

    Anyone else have a slightly wider foot than normal and tried them? How are they?
  6. I love Gucci shoes. Don't have any flats but my pairs of 4.5" stilettos and heels are really comfy.

    I own several pair but I find that all of my gucci shoes even the ballet flats are very comfortable. I find my prada flats to be even moreso comfy but I think its gonna depend on the style of shoe mostly. Christian Louboutin makes a comfy flat as well in the right size!!! LOL
  8. Oooo:huh:Ooo, which prada flats do you have Noegirl, im trying to expand my flat collection. [stay at home mom & student] i don't really need that many heels right now for my lifestyle, so i need more flats. I just got these bcbgmax one on bluefly,and they are super nice. Im a size 9 but i got the 9.5 because thats all they had left when i ordered, and they fit perfect.
  9. I have several Gucci flats and I must say that initially they weren't too comfy. Although my feet are narrow I felt pinching and got a few blisters. But now they're all broken in and feel and look great. My oldest pair I've had for over 2 years and wear most of the times (Gucci are my only flats for some reason -- about 68 other pairs are all heels) and what I love about the Gucci flats is the quality -- those 2+ year old flats still look almost new (well, I scuffed the toe edges a bit, but not super much). I love my Gucci flats.
  10. I love GUCCI shoes and find them to be very comfortable.
  11. They better be comfy for the prices they charge!
  12. Hello Gucci lover,
    I saw this shoes on the girl and love it, I ordered one pair from spring collection, so it isnot ready for shipping yet. Thanks for advice!