GUCCI FAQ's about Sales and Outlets

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1. When is the next Gucci sale?
Gucci boutiques and have sales twice a year. They happen May/June and Nov/Dec. These sales also coincide with many department stores that also carry Nordstrom, Saks, NM, etc.

2. What will be on sale?
In May/June the previous Cruise/Spring/Summer items will be on sale and in Nov/Dec the Fall/Winter items will be on sale. Older seasonal items may also pop up on the website during this time.

3. What about the classic line?
Classic items rarely (if ever) go on sale. Best bet is to purchase these items during the Customer Appreciation sale that happens in November which is 10% off your purchase.

4. What is the discount during the sale?
First cut is usually around 30-40% and then a 2nd cut may happen at 60%. Some older merchandise may pop up and those have been seen at 70+% off retail.

5. What is pre-sale and how can I be notified?
A couple of weeks prior to the sale going public, will send out a link via email to their current customers showing them what will be on sale. You can purchase these items during this time but they will not be shipped until the first day of the actual sale. If you haven't purchased from in the past, don't worry - a TPFer always posts the pre-sale link in the Sale/Outlet thread so you don't miss out. Also, if you have developed a relationship with an SA at Gucci or thru a department store, they will also do pre-sales for you and alert you ahead of time.

6. Ack, I was too slow and the item I want is SOLD OUT at the Gucci boutique or, now what?!
Check out the outlets! After the sale, items that have not sold during the sale or items that have been returned from the sale will show up at the outlets. Call your SA at the outlet and have them be on the look out for you. Prices will be either the same or (if you're lucky) lower than what was sold at the boutique or on-line.

7. What is the RETURN/EXCHANGE Policy for Sale items?
Outlets: ALL Sales Final - NO Returns/Exchanges on items purchased at the outlet.
Gucci Boutique: All Sales Final on Sale items at the Gucci boutique 10 days for returns/exchanges for sale items purchased on

8. Do the Outlets ever have sales?
During the year, usually around a holiday like Presidents' Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, etc., the outlets may have special sales. During this time they offer an additional % off of certain items. Check out the outlet thread.

9. How do I get in touch with the outlets and where are they located?
Check this sticky out for outlet contact info

10. What is the direct email address for a specific SA at the outlets and How do I get on their email list?
The SAs at the outlets SHARE one specific email. Best bet is to call and develop a relationship with an SA and ask to be added on their email client list for new pics. Remember not all SA's do this. Some require you to ask for specific items and then they will email you pics. If you are looking for a specific SA when you email, please list their name in the body of the email and whoever is checking the email should pass the info along to your SA. - San Marcos Outlet - Cabazon Outlet

11. What are the prices of the items posted on the outlet thread?
The SA will usually post the price in the name of the pic. All you do is hover over the picture and it will tell you the price. If a price is not listed, please call the outlet to get more info.

12. Are the posted items in the outlet thread discounted any further?
ONLY if the original post mentions that there will be an additional discount (usually during holidays). Otherwise, prices that are posted are the prices.

13. What if I want more info on a bag that is posted on the outlet thread like dimensions, more pics (modeling), etc?
Best thing to do is to call the SA who sent out the original email and ask your specific questions. Out of courtesy, please ask for the SA who took the time to send out the original email.

13. Do the Outlets ship internationally?
Outlets ship to US and Canada only.

14. What are the shipping charges?
Outlets will ship via UPS ground to the US at a current flat rate of $10. They will also do expedited Next Day or 2nd Day for an additional charge. Shipping to Canada is $40.

15. I want to chat about the sale/deal that was just posted in the outlet thread, where do I do that?
Please keep the Gucci Sale/Outlet thread chatter free. Visit the Gucci Chat thread instead!

16. Which department stores carry Gucci?
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