Gucci Fans!! Please help me!!!

  1. :sad:Calling all gucci fans. Please help me locate this beautiful shoes. I have no idea which season it's from. I went shopping couple months ago, and bought this pairs of shoe from Marciano store, but I have no clue that this particular shoes style are actually a copied version of gucci shoes. Yah, how pathetic I was. Till today, just today I was surfing and landed on the link at seeing the exact shoes which i always thought it was Marciano style??:cursing:

    Anyway, enough with my ignorance. Can someone please tell me if this
    still available anywhere??? I am :drool: to get this shoes. Please let me know if you've seen it around. ( I called Saks and they said all sold out.) :sad: Please help me. help me please:heart:
  2. All i get is the Saks MAIN pics?
  3. NM had them but i think they may be all sold out
  4. Steph, can you please double check it for me?? I love them so much :drool:. and in a size 6 or 6.5 please. TIA.