Gucci fans - Help me decide!!

  1. Hi everyone

    I have been waiting for the Medium Bouvier Hobo to come out - with the signature Gucci Fabric/Ribbon. So, today I went to buy it and found there is a Black one available too. Now I can't decide. I figured I'd throw it out there for all you Gucci fans and you can help me decide.

    Clues to help you decide:
    • I work in S.F., but was actually thinking of buying it for my jeans days.
    • I wear suits to work
    • I am 45 (a young 45 - LOL)
    • My last three bags I purchased were a Hayden & Harnett Inka Hobo (Khaki); a vintage Chanel Medium Double Flap Classic (Navy) and a M. Jacobs Purple Elastic Stam
    P.S. This is the first ever logo bag I am buying. I usually do not like them.

    Bouvier Brown.jpg Bouvier Black.jpg
  2. I think both bags are very pretty and would match with a lot of clothing items, but I like the tan one better...personal preference of course :smile:
  3. If you don't usually like logos, then I recommend the black one. It has the logo, but it's subtle.
  4. The Tan one is more versatile....I don't like black GG fabric its very plain...
  5. That's true. I really like them both. Maybe go look at them in person and then decide.
  6. i like the brown more, but yet i wear alot of black. Let us know what you decide!!!
  7. Ooh.. they are both very cute. I think it would depend if you are more of a black or brown handbag girl.. Tough decision but I think either way, you couldn't go wrong :tup:
  8. I'm a contrast girl so personally I'd choose the brown monogram one.
  9. prefer the lst pic.
  10. I vote brown monogram.... if you are going monogram for the first time you may as well go all the way!!
  11. Both are nice, but for me the brown is to much "gucci", so the black, but both are fine!
  12. my vote is for brown but i don't wear black.
  13. I like the beige one! It is so versatile and classy!
  14. my vote goes for the brown monogram as well, cause I don't really like the gucci black monogram canvas. very classic handbag though!!!
  15. Because you aren't really into logo bags, I'd suggest going for the black since it's more subtle monogram. I like it because it makes the red & green ribbon "pop" more