GUCCI FANATICS! who knows gucci chain hobo's the best?

  1. I recently purchased a LARGE gucci chain horsebit hobo on eBay and i was wondering if any of you knew if the gucci LARGE bags ever had a zip top closure? I know for sure that the medium bags have zip top, but all i have seen on the gucci website for the large ones are the fold over closure. here are some pictures of the bag. What do you guys think? Fake or Real? Please please help me
    1b2a_1.jpg 1b6d_1.jpg 1bb2_1.jpg 1bfd_1.jpg DSC_0769ed2.jpg
  2. actually... i dont think i ever read in the summary that it was a large gucci bag. Does it look like a large or a medium bag? i can't tell
  3. Here is the pic from The handles of your bag look a little too long. You might want to post this in the "authenticate this" thread. You might get more help there. Good luck!

  4. I dont hv a feeling about the chain... it looks quite different from the actual it in authentic this...good luck!
  5. please post these questions in the autenticate this part!!.... but yeah the large never came with a zipper just the leather sides!!! :smile:
  6. It doesnt look authentic...
  7. looks fake to me
  8. I'm sorry but that bag is so fake it makes me wanna cry!
  9. Monogramed chain is the most replicated bag in Gucci. I would never ever buy a chain hobo anywhere else but the Gucci Boutique. Fakes are getting better by the day so its harder to spot them, to have pride and peace of mind DONT BUY anywhere unless you are walking out of the Gucci or Neimans or Saks.
  10. hmm it looks off :oh: definitely post this in the authentication thread. those girls are quick to respond!
  11. I'm sorry it doesn't look authentic:sad: I can tell just by looking at the handles of your bag. It's not stiff and there shouldn't be white threading on the handle.
  12. That hobo is fake
  13. the shape is off also. the medium is more triangular-ish. yea handle is way too floppy. is there anyway you can return it?

    oh wow i just realize how old this thread is. oopsie.
  14. hope you'll be able to return it!