Gucci Fall/Winter 2007/2008 sale

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  1. just got an email from gucci that there's going to be a fall / winter 2007 /2008 sale at the boutiques starting dec 3...

    anyone have any idea what type of markdowns we're talking about here?

    thanks !
  2. Go the Gucci sub-forum and check out the sale thread. Lots of info listed.
  3. thanks for the link lvsforme!!!! :smile:
  4. The pre-sale was a MOB last night at the NYC store at around 6pm. Many items are now gone from NYC, but the only great part is most sales associates will let you bring the item home with you the same day! Yippie!
  5. Thanks!
  6. i didn'tmake the pre-sale... i guess that's a good thingbefore i completely go broke lol

    i did get an invite from a friend of a friend to the gucci watch f&f sale!! it wsn't much of a selection but there were really good prices!!! upto 90% off...

    i got my mom a watch tho - originally $495 on sale for $100 woohoo!!
  7. The presale website is closed now. Good luck on Monday.
  8. Those are really good deals:wtf:
  9. i just bought the fairly large chocolate guccissima bag.. and i found the matching watch at the gucci f&f watch sale!!! i resisted the temptation to buy it... now that i think about it, i should have :sad:
  10. i also checked out the gucci pre-sale website.. i was going to buy a belt but got distracted.. when i tried to get back into the presale link, it's no longer available!!! aaarrrrggghhhhh!