Gucci Fake

  1. I purcahsed the Gucci Boston Treasure Bag in April with receipt from eBay. There was a stain but since I was going out of town and purchased the bag for that purpose, the seller agreed that lowering the price would suffice. I wore the bag three times, the third time the handle broke. I took it to the Gucci Boutique and after a month I was told that the bag wasn't authentic. I've made several attempts to contact the seller to no avail any suggestions?

  2. how did you pay?
  3. and by the way receipts mean NOTHING on eBay all can be faked!!
  4. ^^ I agree, receipt can be faked as well.

    If you paid w/ credit card, you can try to do a charge-back.
  5. Yes, you'll have to do a chargeback, it's too late to file with eBay/Paypal.