Gucci fabric question..........

  1. so DH just bought me an abbey hobo in Vegas this weekend and I had a question about the fabric. I have always had Coach bags and never had a problem with the fabric. But about a week ago I saw this girl carrying a Gucci purse (have no idea if it was real or fake) but it had pills on it so bad it looked disgusting! So my question is after tons of use, do Gucci bags start to pill or do you think it was a fake??
  2. I have 3 Gucci Canvas bags and no pilling on any of them. I have a feeling that you just saw a cheap fake.

    I also have many Coach signature bags and my Gucci's bags have held up just as well if not better.

    You should be fine of course as long as you don't drag your purse along side of the car (just joking)
  3. My canvas bags are A-OK and I've had them for quite some time. Good as new.
  4. I have not seen one pill.
  5. If they did have a habit of pilling I think you would be reading a lot of people complaining about it.
  6. ummm urrr uhhhh, whats pilling???
  7. Had mine for years and not a problem. They gucci mono is GREAT! And I didn't treat mine as well.
  8. It's when the fabric starts to get tiny balls of the material build up. You can pull them off, but it will continue to happen. Wool and cotton can do it a little, but if you have every worn any cheaper acrylic mittens or sweaters you will see the material ball up on areas were there is consistent rubbing - like under the armpits.
  9. oh oh ohh thanks maxcat!!! Yeah ive never had a gucci bag that did that!!! i wore out my gucci tote that i used for didnt "pill" but ALOT of the threads came loose!!!
  10. Hers was def. fake.
  11. ok good, thanks! That girls was so weird looking, looked as if she got in a fight with it and lost!!
  12. sorry i had a question about the fabric too, is there a way to clean it? my wallet is getting dirty :sad:

  13. I would suggest either Baby Wipes or Coach makes a fabric cleaner that works really well.
  14. They hold up very well
  15. I was getting read to post a thread with a similar question. Thanks for posting this! The forum is amazing. Off to Gucci I go tomorrow!