Gucci eyeglasses... NOT sunnies. Do you have a pair?

  1. I just went for my yearly eye exam. I found a couple pairs of Gucci glasses that I liked. They didn't have a ton to choose from so I just went out to Lens Crafters I think but the one I went to didn't have any (they may not even carry them but it was just one place). I don't know where else has them?

    Anyway, I LOVED how these pairs looked on me: GG 2939 in black and the GG 2954.
    I also liked the 2922.

    Here's the two I'm talking about. This first one I love the style but what do you guys think about that GG in the crystals? Is it too much? Since they're not like real diamonds or anything does it make the glasses look fake and cheap? These honestly didn't look the best on me but I love the GG a lot.

    And now THESE ones looked the best on me honestly... I wonder if they're a little too plain though, like you know how you see so many people with black framed glasses? I never have worn them but I love these... although I want something that stands out, you know?

    Anyone know of a pair or have a pair that is classic but stands out? I feel like I'm looking for a style that fits right in between these two. I've looked online but it's hard to tell. I still have plenty of searching to do but I was hoping this would make it easier. I'm very pleased with my Gucci sunglasses and so I wanted to get a pair of Gucci eyeglasses since my eyeglasses RX is seriously about 5 years old, too! I'm so excited! I imagine myself wearing them more than my contacts.

  2. I feel your pain...For my yearly exam, a couple of months ago, I got a pair of Gucci eyeglasses. I was surprised to see them in United Optical but there they were... They are style GG 1525, a rectangular frame in a deep tortoiseshell color, which looks black or brown, in different light ( great for wearing with all of my outfits!) Every time I wear them, I get complements (from girls AND guys). As someone who has dreaded wearing glasses since the 3rd grade, I have found a pair that I really love! Once I find my digital camera I will send a picture! If I forget, please send me a private message because I know how hard finding the right pair of glasses can be!
  3. i have a pair of chanel ones that i LOVE and those guccis are super cute...does anyone know if you can order these at the gucci store?
  4. I love the Gucci eyeglasses... Being Asian it's almost a genetically inherited 'disease' to be shortsighted. Lol. I would have bought Gucci ones but they don't really stock many where I am. Else I would have definitely gotten a pair over the Pradas that I have.

    Adore eyeglasses shopping is something that you shouldn't rush. Take your time to go around and try all of them out. Out of the 2 you posted I definitely like the 2nd one better. That being said that might change if I saw them on you.
  5. i dont know why you can't buy eyeglasses from GUCCI

    you can only buy them from the glasses...optical etc. shops...

    sigh...i'm looking for one with a interlocking GG...! don't think they have them...
  6. I have a pair of gucci eyeglasses that I wear to bed LOL... I think there are some Saks or other stores that sell them but dont quote me!
  7. These are my new Gucci glasses! :smile: I got the red ones, because the darker ones made me look a bit pale...
  8. Aw I like those! And that color, the second one I posted I tried on in that color and the people at the office said they loved it and how other people have that same red color-- it's really nice! I am so afraid of color though so I think I'm going to stick to the black. If I could get both I would get the red too, I love that shade.

    I looked at Chanel ones, too. I really liked the CH3120 and the CH3114. One of them has a long stripe though which I found to be kind of loud but the CC is nice and small and not too flashy. I forget which one of those style numbers is which though. The one with the stripe I can't find online to show though either...
    luvednotspoiled, which ones in the Chanel's do you have?

    I wanted to take my time but I feel like I'm finding a lot of similar styles or ones I'm not crazy about. I love the thick frame which I've never worn-- I always wear contacts so I never wear glasses. My eyes are actually damaged from wearing contacts too long in the day and month which is another reason for wanting to find the perfect pair that I will want to wear! I may be ordering the second ones I posted tomorrow but I'm looking even online now too.
  9. i dont know the model number, but they have small silver cc's on the side and they have this quilted look with little silver gammets in each quilt...they are SOOOOO cute! ill try to take a pic and show u!
  10. ok baddddd pic, plus ive had them for a while and use them A LOT so um ur uhhh they are a bit worn (and can u tell im like an old cartoon and chew on the thingy? hahahaha)
    CIMG2058.JPG CIMG2059.JPG
  11. Oh those are really cute, I like those!!
  12. Yeah! Actually mine are sunglasses that I made into eyeglasses. You can do this to almost any frame as long as the lenses aren't too curved. Each time I find a pair I like, I take them to an optician and he tells me if it's possible.
  13. reallllly?!?!?! i didnt know that! omg omg omg im getting EXCITED hehe
  14. **SIGH**... I'm conflicted again.

    I went to pick out my pair AGAIN and then I decided to try on a different pair of Gucci's.

    **the style I tried on is more square-- but basically the same idea, like the top is the same and the legs are WHITE**

    I can't decide about the white... does anyone have an opinion to share on the white legs against a black frame? I can't figure it out... these looked a ton better than the ones I wanted to get initially (the second pair posted)
  15. Okay, so I made my decision and placed my order in which I should be receiving these by Tuesday!


    I'm really happy with my decision, I can't wait to get them!