Gucci experts: Know the name of this bag?

  1. I saved this pic on my computer nearly 5 months ago, but I can't recall where I got it. (So to whomever owns this pic originally, I give you full credit. :flowers: )

    Anyone know the style of this Gucci tote? Is it still for sale, or is eBay my only option?

    Thanks so much!
    Gucci bag unkown name.jpg
  2. Where's the pic?
  3. Oops, got too excited! Just added it; thanks!
  4. the color combo is part of previous year collection (2 years i think)....its also comes in the Pelle guccissima. You see this bag on ebay quite a bit ( i dont know bout authenticity).....You probably can find the Beige mono with white trim in store right now unless they sent their bags to the outlet.....then you can find it there.....
  5. i know this bag, almost got one in the mandarin trim too.. im afraid im not sure about its name.. however with gucci its usually just called a medium or large shoulder bag with buckle.. lol
  6. i have no idea what it's called... but have seen it before.

    off topic, but... the woman in the pic looks like a Korean actress, Park Sol Mi.
  7. I think the name is as nondescript as that also. I have it in purple leather (with the embossed horsebit design). Love it.