Gucci Experts, Help a Newbie:)

  1. Hey, guys! This will be my first Gucci bag...I went on their website and could not get any "names" of is all of the info I got on the bag I am thinking of...130736 F4DYG 9773...medium shoulder bag...beige/ebony GG fabric. What do you guys think? Does anyone have this bag? If you do, please post pics. I appreciate everyone's input. Thanks!:nuts:
  2. do you mean this one?

  3. Yes!!! You are my angel:smile: LOL
  4. Hello! I know it also comes in pink and white and I believe it retails for approximately $875 CAD. HOpe it helps!
  5. You can't go wrong with a Gucci bag IMO. Timeless elegance!
  6. Thanks for the info:smile: Does this bag have an actual name?! I am confused LOL
  7. you're welcome! :biggrin:
  8. i've just looked at the gucci site, but there is no actual name. i think the name is just 'gucci GG tote/shoulder bag' or something like that. i think when you know the number of the model it should be enough.
  9. Isn't that one called the pelham?
  10. :love:I think it's called Abbey Lingotto, something like that. I really want that bag as well!
  11. My friend has it in the darker leather...its so gorgeous!
  12. i have it in pink and i love it ^_^ it's so roomie!!! i can put so many things in it!