Gucci exchange??

  1. I bought a Gucci bag back in March but have yet to use it. Is it too late to exchange if it's May??? I know I can not return for refund but how flexible are they in exchanging for another bag?


    I might be forced to sell it on eBay...:sweatdrop::push:
  2. I think you should have no problem exchanging it for something of equal value or greater value. As long as it is still in new condition and you have your receipt.

    What is it you are looking to exchange? And what are you looking to get in exchange for it?
  3. Thx for your response! Yep, in new condition and still have receipt. I have the light colored Britt medium shoulder bag that I'm looking to exchange. I have a black one also that I use on occasion moreso than the light colored one. I fear getting it dirty!:sad:

    Not sure what bag I'm looking for in lieu of this bag...:shrugs: I'm in such a funk, I swear! I hate these moods!!!!:rolleyes:
  4. I would may want to hold out a few weeks for the sale. That way you get more bang for your buck
  5. Yea, you're probably right...good point! :smile:
  6. When I did my last exchange, I didn't have the receipt and the bag was bought in mid December a lil before Christmas. I was allowed to exchange it in late January for something of equal or more value.
  7. if you haven`t used it yet and still have the reciept, i don`t see why you can`t return it. if you eBay it, you might lose a lot