Gucci Ex In Trouble for Trying To Create Gucci Products

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  1. This is interesting. I have been following this since 07. I worked as a buyer for bedding, bath and home accessories and they had info about her Gucci bedding line in the trade magazines around June July of 07. Veratex was supposed to showcase her line. This caught my attention since I love Gucci. I never saw anything materialize in the stores with the line and never heard from my associates about it going to market. I was thinking that maybe the plan got abandoned due to the economy or something else. I was hoping to buy something. It did not seem at the time that it was through the gucci company but rather an independent project from a family member which had me confused. I have been searching for info on it and now it makes sense. Thank you! Some articles about the line she was going to showcase.
  2. WOW. That article makes the Gucci family sound like a daytime soap opera.

  3. Thanks for the article! Some of the stuff on their was crazy.