Gucci Employee Discount

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  1. So my grandma just told me that my cousin is a manager at Gucci. I will be seeing him next weekend and will want to buy a bag. Does anyone know what kind of discount I can expect to get?
  2. 50% discount:I know someone who works at Gucci as a sales assistant.
  3. WOW! 50%? Can you pick me up a bag too Bea? lol Too bad when they have their Friends & Family event they only give 10%.
  4. are you positive it's 50% ?????????????? :wtf:
  5. I heard it was 50% too, but only one bag per month.
  6. Yep it's 50.
  7. Wow, thanks soooooo much. Hopefully he hasn't bought anything so far this month.
  8. I wish I knew someone who's employed at Gucci. I want a Gucci bag!!!
  9. wow 50%? i wish i was working there.. LOL :yahoo:
  10. 50% off
  11. Wow!!! I would be in heaven!!
  12. 50%? ... wooow... i'd rather use it on an exotic bag i.e: Python horsebit hobo :biggrin:
  13. Wow, the discount is worth working there a few hours a week! LOL... anyone know of any boutiques that need part time help????
  14. Wow!!! You're sooo lucky, I wish my cousin works at Gucci. :P
  15. wow the discount is awesome! i wish that i know of someone who works there.
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