Gucci Ebay finds.....

  1. Found any authentic gucci items on eBay?

    Note: this thread is not for authenticity issues.

    I scored some horsebit clogs for $90 yesterday. Will post pics when they arrive. :smile:
  2. i am tooo scared to order gucci off of eBay, so many fakes.
  3. i scored an authentic vintage gucci about a month back :biggrin:

    there are real ones out there! just be careful.
  4. Yea, the fakes are getting better and better.. it's really sad :sad: But I've bought a few pairs of authentic shoes, and a wallet. I'm always REALLY careful with authenticity issues, and ebays great for buying vintage pieces or Tom Fords that are discontinued. I still really really want the dragon purse, but i don't have $1500 to throw around : (
  5. :yes:

    me too
  6. I just listed my Peggy on eBay and it's real. I changed my mind after I cut off the bluefly security tags :sad: Now, I bet it isn't gonna sell because people are too scared of fakes. It sucks that there are so many scammers out there.
  7. I just bought a peggy, it is so big! I think I got the one you returned to NM, the top is open , I think that was the problem you had with it.