Gucci Earrings

  1. I saw the diamond ones in the store...they are a great size...not too big just right...Jill has them.
  2. oh im not sure if that popped up for u or not...but it is the icon stardust!! :smile: i promise, youll LOVE them on!
  3. I was looking at those too, they looked really pretty, but, even bigger than the ones I was looking at! My only concern is that I have a lot of piercings (9) and it's not like they're close or anything, or, that I don't take them out, but, I tend to leave all the earrings in and if I'm in a rush and don't have time to take out the 2nd holes, I don't want the 1st hole piercings bumping up against the 2nd piercing KWIM?
  4. haha well i dont have as much as u, u lucky butt! haha i have 7...two next to each each other and i wear diamond hoops on the first one and the stardust on the second and its PERFECT :smile: sooo loving it :smile:

    TRY THEM! :smile:
  5. super cute!
  6. i have these earrings, got them for xmas a few years ago!
    ill take piccys later and post them up for you!
    i think theyre great! not too big at all! im so happy i chose these ones!
  7. those earrings are cute!
  8. hey, sorry ive taken so long to take pics ive been really busy

    here they are...

    ok well ive resized them but theyre still too large... if you pm me your email i can send you them :smile:

  9. I can't see anything :sad: lol...thanks though, i'll check back soon to see if it's working/re-posted. Still trying to decide, but, I think I'm going to get them as a 21st b-day present to myself! :graucho:
  10. no what i mean is that even though i resized them theyre still too large so they wont post! but i said if you want to PM me your email addy i can send you the pics via attachment on the email.

    i do recommend them though!
    even though the backs are pretty tight and did cut into my earlobes and leave a big hole BBBBBUT i have quite fat earlobes so it shouldnt be a problem really! :smile:
  11. I have the diamond ones..I adore them!!
    The backs are super tight at first..u have to break them in before they loosen.I wear mine everyday!They arent big at all