Gucci dustbag

  1. any 1 know where can i buy a gucci dust bag ? or do they provide a new 1 for free ?
  2. Everytime you buy a bag you are provided with its dustbag... so.. I doubt very much you will find a dustbag on its own from any store or boutique. Your best bet is eBay... quite often people sell their carry bags / sleeper bags. This can also be dodgy as there is a real market for people wanting to buy Gucci bags and associated paper work as they resell them with fake goods to persuade buyers.
  3. i dun own a bag from them. my friend give me a mens wallet to me. but the wallet doesnt come with the dustbag instead only the box and those wrapping paper only. so intending to get 1 man.
  4. Wallets do not come with dustbags.
  5. Wait! My white one does, so I guess it depends on the color? I'd feel silly carrying the dustbag w/ the wallet though... other wallets I've purchased do not have dustbag.
  6. i bought a white guccissima and it came with a sleeper bag...
  7. mine was a mens wallet given by my friend. so i was intending to get 1 dustbag for the wallet. seems like boutique dun sell.
  8. My bad.... I think I know the one you are talking about Beejerry, is it the cream one with the light gold 'Gucci' script hardware, the same one I have in pink? It might depend on colour then, cos I didn't get one.

    I also haven't bought a Guccissima wallet before, so oppsies on my part.
  9. ah. guess i have to source it at yahoo auctions or eBay then.
  10. W0ot - I thought I had a solution for you but I think your looking for something much smaller. I apologize in advance for highjacking your thread, but
    I received what I think is a Gucci sleeper with a non-Gucci item and just came over here to find out if anyone could use it.

    I am posting pics because I have absolutely zero knowledge about G products. If this appears to be fake, please let me know and I will ask a mod to remove this post. The sleeper measures 19x19 inches and has a drawstring closure.

    **Please note, per forum rules, I am not offering this for sale**

    Thanks! Ms. Twilly
    P1000416.JPG P1000417.JPG