Gucci Dust Bags

  1. hi guys i usually buy from the gucci store and the dustbags are the usual brown cloth, soft lining... but i have this dustbag from Saks that has like white lining on the inside. are yours the same? thanks
  2. What kind of bag did it come with? Some white bags or patent leather ones did come with dust bag with white lining.
  3. Yes,i got a white lined one with my patent Jackie'O some time ago...:p The more recent dustbags are plain flannel ones in khaky with one Gucci logo only,big and golden :heart:
  4. it's for a new britt hobo though which seems kinda weird since it's not that old
  5. You know, the drawstring broke one one of my dust bags recently. Do you think Gucci would replace it?
  6. i haven't seen any with the white lining, take a pic so we can see.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. thanks sooo much!