Gucci Duilio Boston

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    Does anyone have this bag? I was at the Gucci store and they did not have any but saw one at Saks in gray (that color is not on the website) and it is GORGEOUS! I almost bought it but wanted to make sure so I am giving myself a couple of days to make sure its not an "impulse" buy.
  2. Has anyone seen this bag? Any thoughts on if it worth getting? I am trying to justify the price....
  3. I personally don't like it and it's not worth the price, sorry.
  4. I have seen it and the leather is beautiful :smile: it's a gorgeous bag and I think it's very understated and I like that. I too feel that it is a bit expensive as well though. Maybe it will go on sale?
  5. I love the whole Duilio line and the colours really suit the styling. I like the Boston but for me Duilio is a classic and sophisticated line and Guccissima works best (for me) on more casual pieces.

    What I do like about your choice is that this Boston will hold it's structure and it looks very rich, almost old fashioned Spanish equestrian about it with the long tassel.

    Several of my Gucci bags have cost this price, there is a lot of work in the bag but I do think Gucci could have lined the bag with something more luxurious at this price-point and in-keeping like black velvet (personally, I have decided to boycott all expensive bags that are not leather/suede special fabric lined) only you know if it's it worth it to you.

    I prefer the Top-handle to the Boston. It has the roundness of a Boston, the brass hardware I like and the brogue detail but without the Guccissima.

    the Duilio Brogue Top-Handle with the D-bit hw and hand-shaded leather
  6. I, too prefer guccisimma Boston but they don't seem to be making them quite as frequently nowadays.
  7. I really like the look of the bag! I think it is very sophisticated. Personally though, I can't handle hand held bags. I find them very impractical. I have a web boston but it came with the long strap! :smile:
  8. omg its gorgeous!
  9. No problem.:smile: I like to get opinions on it because when I went back and looked at it I really was not in love with it anymore and was glad I did not get it. Seems too mature for me and yes, very pricey!. I found other styles that I thought were really cute that would work better for me...
  10. It looks really really beautiful and I can tell the leather is crafted gorgeously! The price is a bit steep though, but if you can afford it, I say definitely go for it!
  11. Amazing!
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    It is a bag to die for! No second thoughts...

  13. I thought this an amazing bag IRL, but I also decided against it.

    Price not withstanding, I decided that I think it is a very dressy and formal bag and that it is a little limiting as it can only be worn with the top handles. I do love the fact that the bag tapers in at the top and that zip goes a little ways down the sides which means you can access bag contents a little more easily than on a Boston.

  14. I bought a Duilio Boston Brogue for my mom on her birthday and she's never been happier. She's been receiving compliments left and right. The bag is sturdy and well made. The rich Bordeaux shade gives the embossed micro Guccissima decadence. It's pricey but we're both terribly happy with it. :amuse: Btw, this is my first post.