Gucci Duffel and Tote...which color

  1. I am getting a gucci duffel and tote. I plan to use it for weekend trips and the tote can be used more often especially for outing with my daughter.

    I just can't seem to decide on navy or tan GG...

    What would you get?
  2. Tan
  3. I'd get tan

    I never end up using anything I get in navy enough to justify the expense- maybe thats just me though
  4. i say tan!
  5. id say tan buttttttttt navy would be more pratical!! dont have to worry about it as much and its a cute weekend bag :smile: which one are u lookin at???

    plus tan would look too much like the reg purses!
  6. I like the navy :tup:
  7. im actually look at the large tote in the luggage section and there are 2 carryall duffels that i am choosing from. I was thinking navy since if i have 2 put it n the overhead cabin ... i probably wouldnt worry as much. however since i already have the jolicouer tote i may not need the tote if i get tan. decisions decisions
  8. Tan - it goes with more in my humble opinion.
  9. tan!
  10. navy!
  11. tan!!!:tup:
  12. Tan!
  13. I know exactly what you are looking at & I just bought the black. My bf has the tan duffle bag & he is afraid to use it so he wont get it dirty. Thats what helped me decide to get the black.