Gucci Duchessa Medium Hobo $402.60 @ NM

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  1. says item no longer available :sad:
  2. ugh I want that!
  3. It was available when I posted it because I had it in my cart! Sorry...they don't stay around very long at these prices!
  4. Bummer :sad:
  5. sorry...I just checked my shopping bag and the hobo is already gone.
  6. This is the one i have been refreshing for all day! At both NM and BG but no luck! does anyone know where I can get one of these for a decent price? I want this one!

  7. I find that there is less of a chance that someone will get it first if I remain signed into my NM account all the while I'm refreshing the page. Until you've actually completed the checkout, it can disappear from your cart.
  8. if anyone ordered this and think they may cancel it please post! i've been refreshing since yesterday and no such luck.