Gucci Dog Tags, is this ebay auction ORGINAL?

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  1. Hello @all

    first, i am from germany and my englisch is not so good but i hope you can understand me :yes:

    i am very interested to buy gucci dog tag, the orginal price of the tags in the store are to expensive and i hope to made a great deal by eBay.

    is it right that the tags were sold in gucci stores 2005? on the page i don´t find anything about these gucci dog tags

    ----please have a look----

    eBay: ## Wieder lieferbar!!! Original Gucci Dog Tag Kette ## (Artikel 190041264005 endet 19.10.06 20:47:23 MESZ)

    articel number 190041264005

    seller name fashiontrend24

    the seller means that on the back of the tag must be

    925 and a letter in which town the tag was produced is...

    sometimes there were a produce number behind the letter!

    ok ok but the dust bag is it real? is the karton real and everything. i hope i hae find some gucci experts here which can help me.

    big thanks for every answer..

    greets christian
  2. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!! i shall coin a brand new name for people who sell/buy fake items: FAKOLARDS!! (im not referring to you. ;))
  3. what really fake? :crybaby:

    oh good i don´t pay it, but can anyone send me a link with the real gucci dog tags?

    i don´t know were i can see it is real.....

  4. Post These Questions In "auth This" Section Only Please!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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