Gucci Dog Bag

  1. Has anyone bought this? Have you seen it in stores at all? Can you post modeling pics? I want to see the sizing before I make the trek to Gucci.
  2. That is super cute!!!!
  3. I already have the following bag and I carry it almost everyday:

    But I have been looking at bags to carry my dog around, and found one that I really like from Gucci:

    I would just get a Louis Vuitton bag, but they don't have a size or shape that really works for my dog. My questions is, would it look super tacky to carry both of these around at the same time? I usually wear the LV as a messenger bag, and would probably wear this dog bag just on my shoulder. What do people think about combining these patterns?
  4. This is a super cute bag ... but yea I think it'll be a bit tacky to carry both at the same time, it'll seem a bit overdone.