Gucci Dog Backpack

  1. it's cute! but i know it is pretty useless because my dog wouldn't actually use it. but if i had the money, i'd definitely buy my dog that. for fun!:nuts:
  2. What would the dog put in it? lol
  3. so the dog could keep his comb, toy & biscuit incase he wanders too far away from home...:idea:

  4. :roflmfao:
  5. very cute. I guess that is for the dog who has everything.
  6. That is soooo cute! I couldn't imagine my really chubby and really short corgi with one though. HAHA!
  7. i think its cute hehe :smile: u can keep pooper scoopers and a little water bowl in it!
  8. would it look weird on a person? for example if i walk my dog, i'd wear it for him. will that be ok?
  9. Anyone seen "Dog Whisperer" He puts a back pack on allmost all of the dogs he trains. He usually puts bottles of watter in the packs - for the little guys he gives them the 1/2 pints to carry.

    Reggie can't have a gucci until after I get one!
  10. I would love to get my doxie one of those its good cause its a harness and cute cause it has a little pack for him to carry his treats :heart:
  11. yeah, i've seen that, too cute.